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Our platform focuses on promoting the top techniques of project management methodology while easing collaboration between project partners to accelerate projects and ensure the highest quality outcome. All project data and communication live in one place. The key success factor for the planning of complex and distributed projects is an efficient, agile collaboration of a multitude of specialists.

A state-of-the-art software which integrates and steers complex business projects efficiently along all three key criteria has not existed until now.
That’s why we built and commit to continuously improving the Actano business project platform to revolutionise the project management ecosystem.

Actano Platform

Collaborate with us to develop your application


Software solutions

Applications to fit every budget and team size


Strategic Consulting

The ultimate in personalised project management


Solution oriented Services

Let our experts optimise you mechanical production, assembly and product logistics


Actano Platform

Business Project Platform

We built and continuously improve the Actano BPP with a strong focus on team-work and visualization, thus allowing for cross-company collaboration in virtual reality.

  • Flexible to methodologies like agile and CCPM
  • Web based solutions
  • Support a wide variety of team sizes and organisation types

Software solutions

RPLAN Connect

Project Management

Scheduling without software installation, our Gantt board.

  • Collaborative schedule management
  • Responsibility assignment matrix
  • View deadlines and dependencies together at a glance
Visit the RPLAN Connect Website

RPLAN Enterprise

Project Management

Project management, scheduling and risk management on a single, proven platform.

  • Deadlines and milestones
  • Detect problems before they occur
  • Ensure proper completion of the project
Read more about RPLAN Enterprise

RPLAN Workstreams

Project Management

Seamlessly plan tasks from within your Slack conversation.

  • Kanban board web view
  • Use existing teams, businesses and individual accounts
  • Assign tasks from within chat
Discover RPLAN Workstreams


Assembly and Logistics Planning

Efficiently plan production and logistics by combining 3D-layouts with production processes and material flow.

  • 3D layout based line back planning
  • Identify correlations visualy
  • Collaborate across disciplines of your project
Visit the IPO.Log website


Logistics Planning

Individually plan and adapt shelves from different manufacturers in a factory setting.

  • One tool for both manufacturers and planners to communicate
  • 3D configurator
Read more about IPO.Rack

RPLAN Resources

Project Management

Allocate and manage your resources efficiently.

  • Visualize potential resource bottlenecks
  • Keep track of employees and contractors
  • Assign tasks from within chat
Go to the RPLAN Resources Website

allex DRIVE

Project Management

Manage your entire project portfolio with our critical chain multi-project manager.

  • All projects displayed concisely on one side in the right ordernumer
  • Know which projects require resources at a glance
  • Focus on budgets and timing of critical projects
Read more about allex DRIVE

Strategic Consulting


Project Management

Get a personalised project management consultation with our experts to guide you and your company.

  • Work in partnership with us and develop an individual solution
  • Combine top-down and bottom-up approaches to help the entire company achieve optimal results
  • Foster ideal interplay between planning, control and organization
  • Based on the principles of the Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain Project Management

Learn more by reading The Turbo for Project Management: Accelerate project business with Critical Chain.

RPLAN Academy

Project Management

Accelerate project-related processes, create transparency and achieve your goals reliably by providing the right tools for your project managers. Use our training and coaching:

  • Processes and methods
  • Tools in project management leadership
  • Communication
  • Moderation
  • Conflict management
Read more about RPLAN Academy

Solution oriented Services

IPO.Plan Services

Production and Logistics Planning

Get a personalised production consultation with our experts.

  • Apply our methods to make your production more efficient than ever
  • Concept development and implementation
  • Mechanical production, assembly and logistics
Discover the IPO.Plan Services