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Our platform focuses on promoting the top techniques of project management methodology while easing collaboration between project partners to accelerate projects and ensure the highest quality outcome. All project data and communication live in one place. The key success factor for the planning of complex and distributed projects is an efficient, agile collaboration of a multitude of specialists.

A state-of-the-art software which integrates and steers complex business projects efficiently along all three key criteria has not existed until now.
That’s why we built and commit to continuously improving the Actano business project platform to revolutionise the project management ecosystem.

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Solution Oriented Services

Let our experts optimise your mechanical production, assembly and product logistics


What We Do

Actano creates the visibility and ​alignment decision-makers need to ​deliver the right business outcomes. We provide a strong focus on team-work and visualization, thus allowing for cross-company collaboration in virtual reality.

  • Flexible to methodologies like agile and CCPM
  • Web based solutions
  • Support a wide variety of team sizes and organisation types

Software Solutions

Project Management


Simple yet effective, specialist cloud-based project management software, built with the practicality in mind.

  • Plan projects your own way
  • Get project chaos under control
  • Streamline multiple projects
  • Capacity allocation with the highest accuracy
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Project Management

Seamlessly plan tasks from within your Slack conversation.

  • Kanban board web view
  • Use existing teams, businesses and individual accounts
  • Assign tasks from within chat
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Assembly & logistics planning


Efficiently plan production and logistics by combining 3D-layouts with production processes and material flow.

  • 3D layout based line back planning
  • Identify correlations visually
  • Collaborate across disciplines of your project
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Project Management

Strategic Consulting

Get a personalised project management consultation with our experts to guide you and your company.

  • Work in partnership with us and develop an individual solution
  • Combine top-down and bottom-up approaches to help the entire company achieve optimal results
  • Foster ideal interplay between planning, control and organization
  • Based on the principles of the Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain Project Management

Learn more by reading The Turbo for Project Management: Accelerate project business with Critical Chain.

Solution Oriented Services

Production & Logistics planning

ipolog Services

Get a personalised production consultation with our experts.

  • Apply our methods to make your production more efficient than ever
  • Concept development and implementation
  • Mechanical production, assembly and logistics
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