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With Actano’s first-class suite of project management tools, teams of any size collaborate transparently and efficiently.

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The project landscape of today’s companies is characterised by increasing resource demands, data, and complexity.

Efficient collaboration and communication of all stakeholders is more important than ever before, and tools which give a transparent overview of these intricacies are indispensable.

Actano develops and distributes software for the planning and management of complex business projects, including the optimization of intra-logistics and assembly lines. Actano provides strategic consulting services related to project management. For years, Actano has worked to create a unique vertical platform for the project & product development process that boosts productive teamwork.

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From Gantt charts, to Kanban boards, to full Virtual Reality visualisations, Actano’s applications cater to a wide range of project management methods. Combined with our consulting services, we provide tools and methods to address your deadlines and tasks all in one place.

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Project managers face challenges, such as pressure to complete deliverables in time and on budget as well as the increasing data volumes generated by an ever increasing number of collaborators. Digital solutions like ours address and optimise projects in sectors ranging from aerospace and automotive to logistics and production.

Testimonials from our customers

Here’s what our loyal customers have to say about the improvements in their work.

"IPO.Log is an innovative instrument supporting us right from the planning phase and helping us to plan more accurately and more efficiently."
Walter Schleenvoigt
OOO Volkswagen Group RUS, ipolog client
"When we decided to organize our multi-project landscape using CCPM methods, we were threatened with failure even during the planning stage due to questions over suitable software and associated costs. Thanks to our cooperation with allex PROJECTS, we received professional, insightful support over the entire duration of the project."
Ingo Körner
Managing Director at Broetje-Automation GmbH, Allex client

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