Leonberg, 03.07.2017 (PresseBox) – The world of logistics depending on assembly is extraordinarily complex. An enormous number of interconnected processes and their specific restrictions are responsible for this complexity. For this reason, IPO.Plan GmbH, together with the technology pioneers Magna Steyr and Daimler, has developed a new generation of planning tools with which these complex interrelationships can be planned simply and intuitively. The latest software version offers unprecedented planning functionalities for logistics and assembly. Among other things, the users plan efficiently in an integrated 3D model so that every change is directly visible and can be experienced. This ensures that planning is safe and feasible in the future.

For some years now, the IPO.Log software has already been established in numerous industrial manufacturing companies and automotive manufacturers. At that time, the focus was on planning and optimizing the assembly. Even in the previous version, IPO.Log was able to impress with added value such as fast planning, operational efficiency and a high degree of planning reliability for storage areas and assembly. The new version, which has been on the market since the end of June 2017, expands the functionalities many times over. A further focal point is internal logistics planning. Now not only the areas themselves can be planned in detail, but also the relationships between them and internal material flows.

Holistic planning is calculated by a “line-back calculation” from production through various storage levels and transports back to the goods receipt. Based on a production program, the required materials are provided to the individual assembly stations by the logistics department. Assembly and logistics processes are dynamically calculated so that detailed information on the time and resources required is provided by different reporting functions.

Special highlights and world firsts are the dynamic route planning and its evaluation directly in the layout in the form of dynamic traffic volume display. Until now, no planning tool has been able to provide these functionalities.

The material flow with route trains can be planned completely in the software and delivers concrete results regarding the resource requirements in an early planning phase. In the course of planning, the 3D model is increasingly being filled with life, so that logistics and assembly in the “digital twin” can be optimized and simulated on the basis of the individual production orders on a daily basis. IPO.Log 4 thus creates consistency from the first planning step through serial production to the end of production. Multi-user capability in the new version makes three-dimensional planning a holistic “digital twin”. This guarantees the customer enormous benefits in terms of planability, speed and reliability in the implementation of planning.

About IPO.Plan GmbH

The IPO.Plan GmbH has specialized in the planning of factories and productions. Traditional engineering skills are combined with high-tech solutions and enable customers to take a new approach to planning and optimization. With software products and tools developed especially for this area, which are used worldwide for three-dimensional simulation and visualization, IPO.Plan offers the security to make complex internal processes controllable and efficient.