4D project planning: Actano and IPO.Plan under one roof

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On February 22, 2017, Actano Holding AG, Zurich, acquired the shares of IPO.Plan GmbH, based in Leonberg. As a result of the merger, the shareholders of IPO.Plan hold a direct interest in Actano Holding. In this way, IPO.Plan (Leonberg) and Actano (Munich/Berlin) join together under a common holding roof to combine the advantages of the collaborative project management software RPLAN with the powerful 3D visualization of IPO.Plan. Click the website link to seek out much more information concerning it.

As a provider of the leading software RPLAN for the scheduling and resource planning of complex projects in the industry, Actano has taken important steps towards the truly collaborative, agile project management of the future. The planning of challenging tasks takes place in the team, tasks are distributed and linked to an overall plan – even company boundaries are overcome. “The next step is to visualize project plans so that they can be intuitively developed,” says Holger Lörz, CEO of Actano GmbH. The corresponding software RPLAN 4D will be presented to the public in March. It is particularly suitable for three areas of application: product development, especially in the automotive industry, the planning and implementation of complex production facilities as well as the planning of construction projects. “On these markets, the close link between Actano and IPO.Plan provides significant competitive advantages for customers,” says Dr. Peter Derendinger, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Actano Holding AG. There is a high penetration with 3D CAD in connection with a high complexity of the projects. “The integration of project planning and visualization of the respective CAD models seems to us a logical step towards digitalization for these companies,” says Matthias Kellermann, CEO of IPO.Plan GmbH. “The Actano Cloud platform also allows us to link our IPO.Log software to 3D planning and simulation of production and logistics.”

Under the umbrella of Actano Holding AG, Actano GmbH is now operating in Berlin and Munich, Allex Projects GmbH in Bad Boll and IPO.Plan GmbH in Leonberg and Neu-Ulm. As a result of the merger, the former shareholders of IPO.Plan GmbH now hold a direct stake in Actano. Ernst Raue, formerly the Advisory Board of IPO.Plan GmbH and its founding partner Werner Dürr, were elected to the Board of Directors of Actano Holding AG. After the merger, the Actano Group employs over 100 people.

About Actano – the pioneer of digital transformation

Actano focuses on speed and effectiveness in project management. More than 20 years of experience lead to innovative methods and new software solutions for the working conditions of the future.

The software solutions create end-to-end value-added networks with a uniform data base and thus ensure high-productivity collaboration in the project organization. The portfolio ranges from the project control software for large companies RPLAN Enterprise to the product development of the German automotive industry via the cloud-based RPLAN Connect for the planning of projects in the team and the 4D project management RPLAN 4D to RPLAN workstreams for the structuring of tasks.

The Actano team consists of more than 60 employees at the Berlin and Munich locations. The more than 100 customers include Audi, Daimler, GETRAG, Manz, Mini and VW.

For further information, please visit www.rplan.com