Connecting people and processes

MarinaActano in the media

Holger Lörz, CEO of Actano in interview with Ralph Szepanski of The Business Debate.  In this interview Holger Lörz talks about the challenges in projects that companies are currently confronted with. Link to the video Implementing projects efficiently, meeting deadlines and always keeping an eye on the budget: The problems faced by companies during project planning are many and varied. Digitalization … Read More

Project planning of the future – already today

JudithActano in the media

Interview with Holger Lörz, CEO of Actano, about the recently introduced cloud-based project planning solution RPlan 4D, which visualizes the project progress on the respective 3D models. Mr. Lörz, how does industrial project management have to adapt to the new framework conditions of IoT & Co.? The international perspective on German project management is characterized by the large projects Elbphilharmonie, … Read More

Workstreams introduces message menus

JudithActano in the media

Workstreams - Assigning a team member to a task using the new message menus

How we use Slack’s most recent update on interactive messages to massively improve our bot’s interaction design. The most recent big update to Slack’s interactive messages was the introduction of message menus. They are like the dropdown menus you know, but on steroids. When we built the Workstreams Slack app, users had to go through a long series of buttons … Read More

Collaboration 4.0 is only about transparency

JudithActano in the media

Industry 4.0 extends the work in engineering by the level of networked data. To cope with this increase in complexity, engineering teams must acquire a workflow that places transparency at the forefront. How well does engineering work in German companies to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0? The results of the VDMA study “Industrie 4.0 in Anlagenbau 4.0” last year … Read More

Who is making the race in automotive development?

JudithActano in the media

The German automotive industry is facing a major challenge with regard to digital transformation . Like no other industry, it has recognized that it must be a leader in topics such as the increasing IT-based networking of vehicles with production and workshops as well as state-of-the-art functions such as (autonomous) driving. Because if the car manufacturers and their partners ignore … Read More